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Mike Cernovich is a documentary filmmaker and author of Gorilla Mindset. Now on Medium!

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Yossi Gestetner

The fact that an informant needs to beg the DOJ to stop illegal leaks by gov officials shows you how useless…

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Ryan Holiday

"Nothing in life is as important as you think it is when you are thinking about it." Daniel Kahneman

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Amber Athey

People told me last night they were going to join the @NRA because of the @CNN town hallers cheering a semi-auto ba…

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Paul Joseph Watson

Why is CNN silencing survivors of the school shooting?

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Bowling for Columbine (2002) Budget: $4 million Global Box Office: $35.5 million I think we would have heard abo…

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Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸

Not A Single Lawyer Known To Work For Mueller Is A Republican

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Nick Short 🇺🇸

None of the 16 publicly-confirmed lawyers on Mueller’s team are registered Republicans. There are 13 registered Dem…

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Candice Malcolm

Funny how some hecklers were saying my story wasn't reputable, then both CBC and the Vancouver Sun broke the same s…

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Saagar Enjeti

.@NRA President Wayne LaPierre: "The elites don't care not one wit about America's school system or America's child…

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Andrew Kimmel

NRA executive Wayne LaPierre speaks for the first time since the Florida school shooting

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