Marco Rubio Gives Cuban Journalist a Lesson in Freedom


Senator Marco Rubio represented the United States at the Summit of the Americas. Where a Cuban “journalist” (I feel the sarcasm quotes are warranted here) asked him a familiar question about Rubio and the NRA. But Rubio turned it around for a lesson in American civics.

I wonder if the influence lobbyists hold on politicians was in the agenda, specifically the NRA from whom you’ve received more than $3 million…

Let me stop you right there, Sparky. Here we have a communist journalist asking a Republican about taking NRA money. Can the media get more predictable? Doesn’t seem to matter from which country the journalist originates.

Marco Rubio’s answer is perfect:

It’s simple. In the United States, in comparison to Cuba, we have a free press. The press can question and criticize me all they want, and they do so daily. I’m glad we’re able to hold a debate, because in Cuba you can’t have a debate. The answer is that in the U.S. the people know my stance. We also have transparency on who donates and who doesn’t. Yes, I support the Second Amendment and those people who support that Amendment support me. Those who don’t support it can vote against me. I wish you could also do that in Cuba, because you can’t.

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Liberals love themselves some Cuba. To the dismay of actual Cubans (see Cuban Actress Yells at Sean Penn: ‘You’re a Communist ***hole!’ and Cuban American DEMOLISHES Castro Sympathizers: ‘Hitler had supporters too…’). One of whom is Senator Marco Rubio. Who knows a thing or two about the country. What with his parents escaping it and all its communist shenanigans. Like crippling oppression.

Let’s go back to the question asked. If you were to replace Cuban Journo McGee with anyone at MSNBC or CNN, you would not know the difference between who really asked the question. He and David Hogg must be pen pals.

DAVID HOGG: Bruh, ask Rubio this.

C.J. MCGEE: Um…you know where I’m from and what actual government gun control is like here, right?

HOGG: Whatever. This ish will totes get over on social media. Hang on, my soy smoothie is ready.

Rubio 1, Communism gets a big fat CERO! Made bigger by over-inflation.

Leftists love themselves some communism. Doesn’t seem to matter from which country their from.