UC BERKELEY: Which flag is more offensive?


AMERICAN FLAG vs ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) BLACK FLAG OF JIHAD: UC Berkeley students, brainwashed by their far-left professors to hate America and feel compassion for America’s enemies, respond exactly as you would expect.

DailyCal  Filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who runs the YouTube channel“Ami on the Street” segments, released a video documenting the reactions of people at UC Berkeley as he waved the flags of the United States and of ISIS.  Horowitz loudly makes pro-America statements while waving the U.S. flag and then pro-ISIS, anti-Western statements while waving the ISIS flag.
According to Horowitz, he and his crew filmed the video in early November in response to an attack in New York, which the suspect alleged to have done for ISIS. “There are people who are not supporters of ISIS necessarily, but they see ISIS as standing up against Western imperialism.”
Campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof declined to comment on the video, calling the video a “stunt that was apparently performed for the benefit of Russia’s international television network” in an email.

via Bare Naked Islam