After Days of Speaking Out on Hollywood Abusers, Twitter SUSPENDS Rose McGowan


Twitter suspends rose mcGowan

One thing that’s been frustrating is reading anonymous Twitter avatars attempting “hot takes” on what’s happening in Hollywood. Including but not limited to: “why didn’t she just say something earlier” to “I don’t care, this person’s terrible.” After days of voracious reading about this scandal, one thing that’s clear is how powerful Harvey Weinstein is, based purely on how cowed people are by him. It does a great disservice to the victims of sexual abuse to look at this scandal from an outsider’s perspective. Okay? Okay.

Rose McGowan (whatever you think of her personally), has been hammering this scandal, Weinstein, and other Hollywood A-Listers (like Ben Affleck) for days via Twitter.

Twitter suspended her last night:

Rose McGowan’s Twitter account has been suspended for violating Twitter’s rules, McGowan said in an Instagram post.

“Twitter has suspended me,” she wrote. “There are powerful forces at work. Be my voice.”

She used her Instagram to post the message Twitter gave her, but apparently Twitter did not specify which rules she violated.

Here are some of her recent tweets:

Lindsey Lohan came out defending Harvey Weinstein, and here’s Rose asking for compassion.

Matt Damon, George Clooney and Ben Affleck have all been accuse of knowing what Harvey has been up to.

She’s referring to Affleck’s statement on how he is “upset” and “didn’t know” about Harvey. Of which she called bull sh!t. You might also want to read Ben Affleck Apologizes for GROPING Actress Hilarie Burton.

Now, Twitter is a private business, it can do what it wants. But this just looks bad. A woman who received a settlement from Weinstein after allegations of sexual harassment, has been tweeting constantly about what’s going on in Hollywood. Again, we can debate McGowan’s timing all day long. That’s not the matter here. After speaking out and hammering Hollywood abusers for days, Twitter suspends her. We don’t know what rule she violated, but optics wise? Looks pretty bad.

There’s a reason victims (male or female) do not speak out immediately about harassment. Because often it’s the victim’s word against the abuser’s word. If you’re paying attention to this case, the power the media has exerted over keeping this story quiet, and attacking accusers, it’s becoming more and more clear why some people are too afraid to speak out at all.