WHERE ARE YOU? – Antifascist Berates His Cowardly Comrades At #UniteTheRight


A rally in Charlottesville, Virginia held by members of the alt-right turned violent as counter protesters tried to shout them down. One man caught our attention.

One man documented the events in a brave stand, just meters away from the alt-right crowd.

In something that is reminiscent of the famous scene from “The Blair Witch Project,” our hero, the “Where Are You?” guy, made his stand.

“Where are you? Where are you?” he cried with bravery as the horde full of what has been described as “unfu**able dorks,” chants in the near distance.

Like the battle of Helms Deep, “Where are you?” guy calls for his allies to rally around him and prepare for a final stand and like the 300 Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae, they will be remembered as heroes.

People on Twitter have answered his calls and commented on his bravery. Memes are beginning to be made in honor of the brave warrior.

Hopefully, “Where Are You?” guy will get his justice.

T-shirts should be made, movie trailers should be created and pictures on milk cartons should be sent out for those cowards that left our hero to fight on his own.

Maybe if he identified as an attack helicopter he would have been more effective.