Report: Australia Bans Men From Army To Boost Female Numbers


By now, we’ve all come to terms with the fact that political correctness isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In small doses, it’s tolerable. In fact, it’s actually led to some small improvements in a couple of areas.

The problem lies in the fact that the concept of political correctness has run amok. Virtually everything is under scrutiny at all times, and god forbid if the p.c. police get wind of something that sends a draft through their safe space. There’s hell to pay when that happens!

While that comes with the territory in today’s day and age, there’s times when it goes way too far. For example, if political correctness ever outweighed the importance of national security, that would be a really bad thing.

Unfortunately, there’s actually an example of that happening – and we’re not talking about the row over transgender soldiers in our nation’s military. As Yahoo shares, reports are making the rounds that “Australian Defense Force staff have been told to recruit only women, including in frontline combat roles, under threat of being reassigned.”

Why would that be? Yahoo reports that it’s an “attempt to increase the number of female soldiers in its ranks,” but defense insiders aren’t so sure, noting that it’s “political correctness gone mad.”

For what it’s worth, Defense Industry Minister Christopher Pyne says that “we are trying to encourage more to be a part of that society, but there is no banning of men being recruited,”according to Yahoo.

Bernie Gaynor, a former Army officer and Australian Conservatives party member, chimed in with some thoughts, saying that “politically correct policies have gone beyond bonkers,” Yahoo reports.

Should we take solace in the fact that we’re not the only nation being overrun by the p.c. police? Or should we be very afraid for our friends Down Under? Close call, but we’re going to choose door number two.  

Source: Yahoo