EVIL: Oregon Passes ‘Most Extreme Pro-Abortion Policy in the Nation.’ And They’re Celebrating…


Oregon Abortion

Oregon is just a bastion of progress (see FINALLY! Oregon to Allow Third Gender Option on Drivers Licenses and Of Course! Oregon Bill Allows Judges To Deny 2nd Amendment Rights.). The state has become a warm, moist armpit; prime territory for thriving leftist bacteria. Like squirming maggots. That chant. Thus it’s no surprise they’re paving the way to all-out baby genocide.

Take a look at the abortion bill Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, just signed with her very own John Hancock. It’s about as murderous as it gets. Naturally, ole Kate can hardly contain her excitement.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed into law a bill Tuesday requiring taxpayers to fund abortions through health insurance plans for both citizens and undocumented immigrants. The measure, which is being labeled as one of the most extreme pro-abortion policies in the nation, makes Oregon the first state to strong-arm taxpayers to fund all abortions, including sex-selection abortions in the late term.

Oregon is now fully embracing anti-human policies in favor of convenience and virtue signaling. All at the taxpayer’s expense, by the way. Without their consent. So much for “choice,” eh? Worse, this heathenistic governor is celebrating while doing so. Yay free-baby killing progress!

Late term abortions are effective tools for weeding out unwanted babes based on gender, deformity, and because it’s just not the right time after all. Sorry little baby girl, mamma has other things to do besides feed and care for you. Time to get chopped and sucked out of the womb. And no, that’s not an exaggeration.

The free-flowing, taxpayer funding of abortion is a problem for obvious reasons. Namely and most obviously, because it’s evil (see Iceland Has Nearly ‘Eliminated’ Down Syndrome Through Abortion. And Satan Rejoiced…). Spare me your pro-choice talking points. Killing an unborn child is killing an unborn child, no matter what reason you give to excuse it. See also Professor Gives Bizarre Abortion Defense. James Franco Unravels It). This move to provide free abortions also poses societal consequences. For instance, sex-selective abortions are all the rage in places like China, where men now outnumber women by millions. Also, Ted Turner, noted environmentalist douchenozzle, is all for China’s one-child policy. There’s also a renewed push by environmentalists to blame people with “too many children” for “climate change.”

Before you accuse of us of the “slippery slope” argument, don’t. Slopes tend to get slipped round these parts. Like this one SLOPE SLIPPED: Mother Jailed After Marrying Her Son. AND Daughter.

By the way, this “Let’s kill all the babies for free” policy is the wet dream of “women-loving” feminists. So much for fighting sexism.

The worst part? Oregon taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill. You know, so the state can afford to share the depravity with illegal immigrants for free.

The law requires abortion coverage to Oregonians, regardless of income, gender identity, or citizenship status, and allocates roughly $500,000 over the next two years to provide abortions to undocumented immigrants.

ABC News reported: “The Oregon bill is unique… in that patients would have access to the procedure for virtually any reason, at any time.”

Modern science and technology has allowed us to confirm that abortion is in fact murder (see Pro-Abortion Salon: ‘Stop Showing THOSE Mean, Scientifically Accurate Pictures!’). This is no longer a debate. Progressives are now knowingly mandating state-funded murder. And celebrating it.

So in case you had any doubts as to where the left stands on abortion, it’s on the skulls of dead babies.