Eli Lake is Doing Great Work, Confirms Mike Cernovich’s Original Reporting Again!


Earlier today Eli Lake confirmed my story about McMaster’s plan to take over the White House. Many have asked if Lake is “stealing” my stories. The truth is complicated.

I enjoy teasing Eli Lake because he calls me fake news even though his own reporting has confirmed several of my stories. That’s rude of him. I could call him a plagiarist, but he does great work and has an amazing network of sources.

Eli has build up an incredible reputation over these many years, but his ego is causing him to throw shade my way. He has never read Gorilla Mindset.

Like many in “the media,” he doesn’t believe anyone outside of the little club “belongs.” What he and others (like those in the White House press briefing room) fail to understand is that we are too big to ignore. We don’t need permission from insiders or gate keepers. New media is here, get used to it.

D.C. journalism is like high school.

The new media model is to get out information as it arrives, and develop the story in real-time. My readers are information junkies and always want another “hit” of the latest news.

Eli also has editors and others who must sign off on his work. This means he will always be several hours or even several days or weeks behind me.

My journalistic style is to release information as it arises. For example I wrote an article noting that McMaster wanted to hire Ricky Waddell back on April 9th.

Then on May 1st I reported that McMaster unilaterally hired Waddell without Trump’s permission.

Today Eli’s article confirmed my report about Waddell.

My stories were confirmed by Reuters and Bloomberg these past two days.

It is completely dishonest for Eli to insult me when his reporting has confirmed my own. It is indeed fake news for him to claim my stories aren’t real. He should get over his smug affect, read Gorilla Mindset, and become one of my many friends.

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